Office Oculoplastic Procedures

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These procedures are done in the office under either topical anesthesia (eyedrops) or a small amount of local anesthesia.

  • Excision of skin lesions and growths of the eyelids with biopsies sent for pathology.
  • Chalazion excision (Dr. Sandberg only)
  • Drainage of lid abscess
  • Opening of blocked tear ducts that are causing tearing. We do this by dilating a closed lacrimal punctum (opening of the tear duct in the lid), probing the tear drainage system and irrigating fluid into the nose. This is both diagnostic and therapeutic. It makes the diagnosis of a blocked tear duct and often cures it.
  • Botox injection-both functional and cosmetic. Botox injections alleviate the eyelid spasms of blepharospasm and facial spasms. We use it cosmetically for crow’s feet on the side of the eye, frown lines between the eyebrows, and in the forehead.
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