We conducted a patient satisfaction survey and this what the patients had to say about Eye Surgery Associates:

"Dr. Dorfman and his staff of nurses are all very friendly and knowledgeable.  We feel very comfortable with them and we feel we can trust them. They are very thorough."

"Doctors are a great bunch. Dr. Rubsamen is very competent and professional."

" Great Service! Dr. Fishman as well as the entire staff were very nice and informative and made me feel at ease!"

 "You must have trust and confidence in your physician and I have complete trust and confidence in Dr. Angella and his staff.

 "I drove almost 20 Miles to see Dr. Sandberg.  I have all trust and confidence in him and his staff."

"From the first time I started with Dr. Duffner, he was very good to me and my eyes.  I will go to Dr. Duffner at all times."

"A truly excellent experience in every way. Would highly recommend Dr. Cardone."

"Very well managed, professional caring staff, and Dr. Jones is wonderful."

"Staff is great with kids and very kind."

"One of the best run offices I have been to."

"I came in close to not being able to see enough with glasses to drive.  I left, no glasses and am able to read this thing!"

"I've recommended family and friends.  Great staff and doctors. I was very satisfied."

"I will not bring my children anywhere else and recommend the same to all!"

"Eye Surgery Associates has been my choice for more than 10 years and will continue to be".



"It's a joy to wake up in the morning and not have to reach for my glasses to see the clock!" 

 (Natasha C.)

"Yes, I definitely recommend having this procedure... It's funny, even though I wore glasses and contacts all my life, since the surgery I don't remember those "old days" unless I look at pictures from the past."

(Natasha C.)

"When I had my consultation, I was 100% sure that I wanted Dr. Jones to do my surgery.   From start to finish Dr. Jones talked me through every step, I stayed calm and alert since I was so prepared.   I cannot believe that I can see without my glasses now- It's a MIRACLE"

(Christine T.)

Multifocal IOL Implants:

"It's a miracle! I could not see the golf ball down the fairway and now I can!"

(Eugene B,. ReSTOR lens)

"My life has certainly changed especially at work. I work in a warehouse where I have to read labels that are 20 feet away.  I could not see them before and now I can see them perfectly."

(Edward K., ReSTOR lens)

"Life is great! I had a wonderful experience at Eye Surgery Associates.  When deciding on the ReSTOR lens, my goal was not to have to wear glasses and I obtained that goal!"

(Charlia M., ReSTOR)

" I love being able to drive and shop without having to rely on my glasses.  I no longer have to feel uncomfortable wearing them."

(Carole D., ReSTOR)




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