Are You a Candidate?
Are You a Candidate?
Determining your LASIK candidacy is the first step to understanding what the future possibilities of vision correction could mean to you. Because your eyes are extremely unique there is no way to actually determine your candidacy 100% until you visit your eye doctor for a pre-operative evaluation. The pre-operative evaluation will involve a series of diagnostic tests to determine the stability of your vision. After a thorough evaluation of your cornea, our doctors will be able to determine if you are a candidate.

Below is a list of some items that are typically involved with the evaluation process.

  • The measurement of corneal thickness, including corneal topography
  • Complete review of overall eye health
  • The measurement of your prescription or refractive errors
  • Custom LASIK measurement for higher order aberrations.
  • Dry eye test
  • Complete dilation to view the back of the eye or the retina
  • Glasses or contact lens history review
  • Measurement of pupil size

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